Amazing Features

Find Local Stores

Based on your location, BuyNearby App shows local stores of various categories accepting orders and delivering around you.

Schedule Your Deliveries

Receive your orders at your convenience. You can schedule your order delivery for up to next three days.

Track Your Orders

Know when your order is going to be delivered. You can track order status right from order confirmation to home delivery.

Accept Suggested Substitutes

In case your specific item isn’t available, you can choose from the substitutes suggested by your merchant.


Pay Online On Delivery

Not just cash, you can now conveniently pay online on delivery using credit card, debit card or net banking.

24X7 Order Placement

Now with 24x7 Order facility available, you can place your order on BuyNearby app anytime you want

Awesome Benefits

Order Anything You Want

Conveniently order essentials, groceries and a whole variety of products – branded or unbranded – from your nearest stores. Find out which store is known for what and order from the best.

Order Smartly. Avoid Confusions

Avoid the order confusions and mismatches that generally happen over a phone call. Now, confirm all order specifications and modifications on the app, and get only the perfect orders delivered.

Get Better Discounts & Offers

Save more by easily checking which nearby store is offering relevant discounts and offers before you purchase your staples.

How it works

Easy to register and login. Quick to find local stores. Convenient to order online.

About BuyNearby

You have pleasant childhood memories of the local kirana shop around the corner or the General Store in your neighbourhood. You fondly remember hopping over to the nearby General Store to purchase staples and feeling elated when the shopkeeper used to greet you with a warm smile and a sweet candy. Many of you continue to shop at your local stores even today and are still greeted with that nostalgic, homely smile.

You share an idyllic bond of trust and convenience with your local shopkeepers, who know exactly what essentials you buy, what brands you prefer, and which specialty items you generally ask for.

Undoubtedly, these Stores form an essential part of our Indian fabric. But as retail is modernizing, retailers are unfortunately not. These stores have been struggling to go online and digitise their service. BuyNearby changes all of that.

The BuyNearby App brings these around-the-corner General Stores even closer to you. Just a tap away on your smartphone.

With BuyNearby App, you can now conveniently buy your daily essentials online from your local trustworthy store and enjoy more efficient ordering, delivery, and payment services that the shopkeeper is providing by embracing digital.

As part of the Digital India movement, let’s encourage more of the local retailers and General Stores in our neighbourhoods to come online and digitally revolutionize the way they service their customers.

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